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Wade Baverstock
Wade 'WadeBox' Baverstock, born in 1992, Cambridgeshire, is a British filmmaker, actor and writer. Starting on the stage, Wade has always been involved in some form of drama, from his amateur dramatic group, to college performances. As he progressed, Wade became more involved with the areas of a dramaturge and director, co-directing a successful take on Macbeth, to directing a highly praised promenade theatre piece. With his love for the narrative, particularly in films and games, Wade began to expand to other forms of Media, and their, found his true passion to be a filmmaker.

Films, modern television and video games have had a major affect on Wade, taking his inspiration from the massive franchises of Star Wars, down to the smaller foreign films of The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo, and various forms of Japanese Anime. Particularly interested in the development of storytelling through a series, many of Wade's influences come from Directors such as Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro and Ridley Scott.

After enrolling into the University of Lincoln, to study Media Production, Wade now focuses on creating interesting and exciting worlds and stories to showcase to the audience. With ambitions to continue his pursuit of making and producing various films and series, Wade is still eager to learn more, and enjoy the community of filmmakers out there, whilst continuing his collaboration with AWKOR.








Wade 'WadeBox' Baverstock