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Dani Tuffen
Dani Tuffen, born in 1993 hails from a small market town in Leicestershire. Being from a small town left a lot of free time and not a lot to fill it with until she discovered the wonders of editing and photoshop with a little help from the internet. From the age of thirteen she began teaching herself editing and photoshop but had no intention of going into media until people took an interest in her work (including Leicester diocese who commissioned a youth video) until she was 16 her sights were set on being a child phycologist or a drummer. in 2010 during a family holiday she took an interest in photography starting with just a bad quality camera. with a little begging and pleading for christmas presents, she moved onto a Canon 40D, but was disappointed to find it could not support video. in 2012 she splashed out some of her savings and invested in a Canon 60D and continues to practice her photography and video.

Youtube has been a part of her life for many years mostly as a consumer but also video blogging on and off since 2010. Since starting at the University of Lincoln it has become an even more important part of her life being surrounded by other people who also enjoy video blogging. She hopes to video blog on a regular basis about her university experiences a long with the rest of the Rodeo crew.

aspiration wise she would love to go into natural history documentaries as she's not against sitting in the rain for 3 hours so she can take a grainy picture of a seal (an attempt was made!). If not that then self employment or wherever the wind takes her in media.