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on Thursday, 27 June 2013. Posted in Corral, Blog & News, Tom Burlinson

Written by Tom Burlinson

I'm currently writing this from my parents house in South East London, after recently having to move out of my flat in Lincoln. And it's strange to think that less than a year ago this was my house too, yet 9 months later It's doesn't feel that way, a lot has changed.

Heading to uni has been fantastic and I con only really say positive things about it, it is an experience I would recommend to anyone. I've made fantastic friends, learnt things that I wouldn't have otherwise, set up a production company called A Weird Kind of Rodeo, been inspired and started working on life and career changing projects both big and small.

I've become independent too, able to live on my own. Though this may also be the biggest problem now that I've returned home for the summer. Coming home doesn't feel like being home, I'm finding it hard to fit back into a family dynamic. It can be difficult especially if the house you go back to is your childhood home - where you grew up. Ultimately it seems that my childhood home is no longer home. It hasn't been since I left for university, and it wont be again, not really, not like it was before; a realisation I have only recently made. Lincoln, with all my friends, is my home now - at least for the foreseeable future.

University is a new beginning for a lot of people - new future, new homes, new people. And as my first year ends, I realise that university is also an ending, while I don't feel like a child anymore and I most certainly am not an adult, but I'm grown up enough to not really need that old home anymore, just the people.

I sure am going to miss it though. Bring on Second year...

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